Welcome to my blog ✨

Hello my lovelies! Thank you for finding my blog firstly and secondly thank you for taking interest and reading it.  I wont keep you too long so here goes!


My names Cheyanne Smith, Virgo baby born in Cambridge UK in 1995. I own a chihuahua named Kermit and my boyfriends middle name is Rudolph. I have a strong passion for anything to do with beauty and this why I have just completed my Makeup Diploma so I can really build my skills to open up my own freelance business. Also I’m brushing up (this is unintentionally turning into a pun) on my hairstyling skills. My mobile business will be open by late October – early November 2017 in time for Christmas (note to readers – I am obsessed with Christmas) and I am so excited to be independently owning my own business (well thats my goal!) I’m also taking my driving lessons so my goal is to be passed in time to open my business (nerve wracking but also extremely motivational!)


My certificate! Makeup Diploma and I passed first time 🙌🏽🎉

At college I studied Graphic Design Level 3 Diploma, Photography shortcourse and also Art & Design which I currently hold a GCSE for aswell. This is where my love for makeup really began, because I see makeup as my paint and a clean face as my canvas. Art comes in many shapes and forms and this is my favourite. So to actually do someone’s makeup and them to then go out with it, makes me feel like my art is on a walking display. It’s a brilliant feeling I get to give people makeovers and even more of a brilliant feeling to see them smiling at the end!

BUT in the meantime I am blogging my journey to get there. My portfolio is currently under intense production and I love the feeling of it being the most enjoyable project I have undertaken to date! I love writing about beauty products, I have recently started written makeup tutorials and ocasionally I blog about lifestyle. As I said I cant keep you too long as daily life is calling me, thank you for finding me and since you are already here; why not have a sneak peak at my posts?