How the Bootea Teatox & Naya Rivera are changing my life this week

I wasnt initially looking to lose weight, but after a recent hospital visit I’ve noticed I want to be more healthy and more fit. My sister is a boxer and my dad is a boxing trainer, day in day out I watch her eating perfectly and training like a godess. Her body is her temple, she’s toned, strong and a perfect body shape. My sister has only just turnt 17, her determination and motivation is so powerful. I want to be fit and healthy but she’s taken years to build herself the way she is. Alongside my sister, Naya Rivera from the American hit show Glee who plays Santana Lopez, is my role model in fitness and fashion. During her time in Glee she was constantly in a skimpy cheerleading outfit and her legs and ass were constantly on screen so she kept herself looking fantastic. She has a beautiful physique and wicked sense of style. Rivera, 30, is a single mum of one and she’s hotter than Kim Kardashian. I’m obsessed with her Instagram and she’s constant motivation for me. She is my woman crush.

So between my own sister, a celebrity and a hospital trip, that started to impact me into wanting to be more healthy. I went into my local Holland & Barret and stumbled across Bootea 14 Day Teatox, I took it to the till got some more information and purchased the product. The package contains two seperate bags of teabox bags; 14 to drink (one each day) and 7 to drink every two nights in the other. Also I like the simple pink and green packaging and it looks good on my social media apps.

Bootea is famed amongst celebrities such as Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright who reportedly used the teatox leading up to their wedding for weightloss. Other names such as Ricky Rayment, Caggie Dunlop, Lindsay Lohan and Ashley Tisdale have all used this product for weightloss and wellbeing. Again I wasn’t so much into losing a lot of weight but I new this would help kickstart my new healthy lifestyle and besides my midriff / belly was looking quite bloated after the recent winter months.

I started the very next day drinking the teas, the day time tea has a gentle herbal tea taste, but because it tasted so boring three days ago I’ve started to add fresh cut lemon (fantastic for helping weightloss and detoxing) and ginger (brilliant for the digestive system). This combination is a powerhouse in a cup. Daytime teatox bags are supposed to supress hunger throughout the day. That night I took the bedtime teabags which ‘flush toxins out of your body’ the detox effect. They taste fine on their own without extras they have a peppermint taste to them. All ingredients are natural in the teabags. The morning after I was running to the loo a bit as I do each morning after each bedtime tea but where else are the toxins going to go? The daytime teabags do not have this effect because they dont contain senna leaves. The bedtime teabags do contain senna which has the laxative effect, meaning you be so careful if taking the contraceptive pill or any medication because this teabag will flush it all out of your system. It’s resulted in a lot of women having unplanned pregnancies, you should research any product before putting inside your body. Please be safe and take extra precautions girls.

Here’s my first week of results; the teabags have actually started to work! My skins clearer than it’s been in a long time, I’m sleeping a lot better, I’ve lost around 3lbs in weight and my belly is actually a lot flatter. I’m currently sat here drinking my daytime tea with Beyonce playing, blog writing and I’m actually feeling very uplifted.

I’ve cut out coffee (replaced it with drinking more water) and tried eating a bit healthier than normal (cut out fast food like Mcdonalds) and this weekend I can actually notice a difference in myself. I’ve been exercising more this week and I’ve started squatting. Naya Rivera loves spin classes so I’ve read and thats something I’d like to take up. I do advise you do try to help yourself by exercising more and eating / drinking cleaner, even if its just baby steps it all helps. I would like to start adding super foods to my diet such as kale and spinach in the near future. It’s not been easy but I’m feeling the difference and it feels good!

For £11 these are worth a try, each person will have different experiences but this is mine and I’m over the moon with the first week of results.



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