My visit to Oxford Streets LUSH! Why I’m addicted and why you should be to

I discovered my love for Lush after my best friend introduced me to their products a few Christmases ago with Snow Fairy shower gel and Fairy Dust dusting powder. I always loved walking by Lush stores because they always smelt so good, you can smell the store before you see it sometimes and upon glancing they are bursting with colour and customers, but I never actually took the time to go inside. Now, a year later, I visit Lush every fortnight or order from their mobile app and I’ve recently visited their London Oxford Street store, which may I add blew me completely away!

Lush was actually founded November 1995  (my mum literally had just popped me out two months earlier) by a beauty therapist and a herbal trichologist (a hair and scalp specialist) in Poole, Dorset UK. 21 years later they have around 900 stores worldwide. They only test products on human volunteers NEVER animals & they only use fresh ingredients; vegetables, fruits, essential oils, herb infusions, safe synthetics. The inventors of the products started by visiting farmers markets and flower shops for their wonderful ingredients. They proudly boast on their website they are against animal testing, 100% vegetarian and they hand make they’re products.

Now you’ve had that small bit of education on the company, I would love your attention to tell you about my Oxford Street experience and how I felt like I was losing my Lush virginity all over again.

Walking down Oxford street I could smell the Lush products shops away before I even reached their store but when I did get there I was amazed. If your a Harry Potter fan you’ll understand what I’m about to say; remember when the Weasley twins opened their magical joke shop up and it was buzzing with life and colour? That’s how it felt walking into this store a few weeks back. Customers flocked, staff members were everywhere showing off products, it was like 15 times the size of my local Lush, two floors of wonderful products and spa treatments below the ground floor. I headed upstairs as that was where all the bath bombs were. It’s unreal how good it smells and looks up there it was like walking up to heaven. Staff were so friendly but they attitudes weren’t fake they genuinely seemed so happy to help. One of them actually took me to a basin of water and dropped a Metamorphis bath bomb inside to show me the effects (a black glittery bathbomb that bursts into a rainbow of colour, its like my soul) I didn’t buy that bath bomb that day, but a week later I ended up ordering it and its actually on my shelf waiting to be used tonight (or Dragons Egg either way I’ll review them both!) That day I did buy the bathbomb in the my featured photo ‘Twilight’ what smelt so beautiful and delicate and glittered in the water, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon (which you crumble under running water and that smelt insanely nice) and the Mother Earth Bath Bomb. Mother Earth I purchased for my best friend who introduced me to Lush and he said it was absolutely fantastic using it. Normal bombs weigh around 15og- this mother trucker weighed around 700g! Remember to follow me on Instagram thatcheyannesmith_xo as I will always post videos on the bathbombs so you check out the amazing things these bombs do as they caress the hot water.

I love Lush a lot. I use a lot of their skin products but I’d like to do a separate post later in the week for those. Two of my everyday skincare products I do use is 9 to 5 cleansing lotion and Breath Of Fresh Air toning water (spray.) Tonight alongside a bath bomb I will be trying out their shampoo bar NEW. Shampoo bars are like soap bars but only they are shampoo?? It’s strange but I like it and my hair actually has gone into better condition since using a previous bar.

I’d love to hear from fellow Lush fans about your favourite products are and if there’s anything I could possibly review for you guys. I really hope for non lushys that upon reading this you’ve got the tingle inside to want to learn more!






  1. Ella May Garrett · May 10, 2017

    The Oxford Street LUSH is just the absolute best!
    I love the Comforter Bubble Bar and the Shower Gel – the scent is just my favourite. Nothing beats Sex Bomb too


  2. Kirsty M · March 25, 2017

    I love LUSH. I’m still getting through the products I got for Christmas lol. My favourites are Twilight bath bomb, Dream Cream moisturiser, Rose Jam Bubbleroom/Shower gel 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thatcheyannesmith · March 25, 2017

      I’m a real Lush head 😂 I seem to buy more and more just to keep stocked up! Rose Jam Bubbleroom and Twilight are also two of my personal favourites! I currently use Breath Of Fresh Air toning spray and 9-5 cleansing cream as part of my daily skin routine and I wouldn’t turn back they are must haves! ❤️


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