Bedtime skincare routine / what I’m feeding my skin

It has taken me a long time to perfect my skincare / bedtime routine and until recently I learned it’s not always what you dress the skin with, most of the work is done with what you feed it. So in two parts I’m going to explain how I’m looking after my skin, how I’m combatting the dreaded breakouts and why once again I have to take my hat off to Lush for their amazing products.

My routine is literally exfoliate, cleanse, tone, spot treatment. I use Cup O’ Coffee scrub at least three times a week. It’s wonderful. I leave it on my skin for fifteen minutes then massage off with my fingertips with warm water, concentrating on problem areas. It has a really thick texture, really exfoliating and is actually made with ground coffee. I have also tried Ocean Salt face and body scrub by them, which I find really good for drying and combatting spots but I would only use this once a week and Cup O Coffee twice, as Ocean Salt is rather harsh but never the less brilliant. It smells gorgeous and its alcohol free. I then use 9 to 5 cleansing cream, which is gentle and doesn’t sting your eyes if it reaches the. I use this every single night after washing my face as it removes ALL traces of makeup. I was surprised after washing my face how much makeup is still left on my skin. After cleaning I use Breath Of Fresh Air toning spray. This closes the pores tight and is fantastic to use at bedtime and definitely in the morning before applying makeup its a great base. Now, here is the bit that isn’t Lush, but I’ve sworn by this product from being a young teen- Sudocrem. Yes you might think hold on that’s for babies? Well actually its not just for tiny little people. I use this every other night on spots and red areas, massage it into the skin then sleep with it on. It’s too good not to use. I also have nights where I don’t use this as I like to let my skin breathe. Also a big part of looking good is getting enough sleep so make sure your getting 8+ hours a night.

On another note I should have listened years ago about consuming 2 litres of water. It seems a hell of a lot I know but when I gave up coffee and tea drinking and started drinking Bootea I found a few ways to really up my H2O intake. Bootea is 100% been brilliant to my body and skin and I’m currently on my second box. I carry with me a huge travel cup that I got from Sealife in London. It was only £6 and I can freeze it and fill it with lemon infused spring water and keep it ice cold through out the day which is very handy at work. (Lemon infused water; cut 2 lemons up and put them in two litres of boiling water, let them set over night and voila! You have lemon infused water and its fantastic for your health. Sometimes I even add fresh ginger.)

I try to eat fruit and veg whenever I can and try to opt for fruit pots at work as a snack instead of sweets. I’d like to start adding super foods to my diet such as kale and spinach but I’d love to hear from my readers there experiences and what they recommend from the super food world.

If anyone has any other brilliant products, hacks or routines they’d like to share or any questions feel free to drop a comment guys, thanks for reading once again!



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