Today’s Style πŸ’πŸ½

Today I’m travelling to Sheffield and I’ve never been before so I’m hoping to explore a little. This is not a hugely long post as I’m in the car and switching between chatting to my parents, blogging and trying to stay still as my little sister is asleep on my legs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜« 

Today I’m wearing black ripped jeans from New Look, black / nude striped long sleeve crop top from Pretty Little Thing (from their eBay store as there’s fantastic discounts) and knee high suede grey boots. I always carry my leather jacket as it’s my go-to staple piece which goes with most outfits and still looks stylish. I’ve added accessories such as my Swarovski ring and bracelet, choker and clear framed sunglasses 😎. I will be looking out at new styles today and anything I find that I think will be a hit this summer I will be sharing tomorrow!

My makeup is mainly from Superdrug and other drugstores such as Boots. The only expensive makeup I’m wearing today is my MAC foundation. In a recent twitter poll I learned that the highest percentage of girls actually prefer drugstore brands. I, myself, love drugstore makeup and only have a few very expensive makeup items for weekend usage. I have Primark Β£1 nails on in baby pink pointed shape with Kylie Jenner glitter nail polish on the thumb & ring finger. Style does not mean spending heaps of cash, work with what you have and be smart where you buy from. 

I curled my hair last night after washing it, I used coconut oil and blow dried just before hand. Lee Stafford Chopstick curlers hold curls in my hair for days after curling! My curls have dropped more today which is what I wanted as last night I knew the curls would be too tight if  I left it until this morning to my hair. It was a time saver this morning and looks great still!

Weathers looking good this morning and I’m now going to save my phone battery so I can get some photos later. Looking forward to seeing Sheffield! If you’d like to see me make a step by step tutorial on my makeup artistry skills I’d be more than happy to receive a comment of encouragement! You also can always tweet me @thatcheyannes πŸ–€


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