Sunday Summer Style / What Is Going Big In Fashion Summer 17

Today the weather is beautiful and I’m taking full advantage with a crop top and oversized chiffon blouse. I’m going shopping (again), for an outfit to go back to Sheffield (again) next weekend for my sisters boxing match. Yes you heard that right my sister is a brilliant boxer and she’s just started boxing for the GB 🇬🇧Team where all the big British athletes start out. This upcoming weekend she will be representing England in the Tri Nations Boxing Event. Exciting things and a very proud big sister. 

My parents travel all over the country with her for her sport and with this it holds its advantages for me. My mum tells what she’s seen in fashion from places like London, Bristol, Doncaster, Portsmouth and I try to recreate different looks. She also for 50 years old knows what’s the top styles before I even do sometimes. Mum can be a Style guru sometimes and it’s a blessing living in the country side where fashion seems to slowly follow behind everywhere else! 

Travelling to Sheffield yesterday I’ve got a massive idea on what’s going to be huge this summer. I’ve picked a few of my favourites to tell you guys about!

Florals are still making a hit whether it’s floral print dresses or embroidered body suits. Quiz Clothing are housing lots of florals and pretty summer colours such as pinks and blues.

Which moves me onto my next style. Also seen in Quiz, candy striped blouses and tops (think Ralph Lauren) are also in fashion. Blouses in general are being seen across the field like New Look with again the embroidered floral patterns.  Floral is so big right now!

Chokers and rock band dresses are staying in fashion, velvet is on its way out.

As always thank you for reading, all comments appreciated, feel free to message for tips and have a beautiful Sunday! Think a cocktail is calling 🍹

Vest top – New Look, chiffon blouse – Yessica, leggings – Matalan @ Oxford Street, sunglasses and choker- Primark. Makeup; lip liner (full lips coloured in coral)- Kiko Milano, foundation- MAC Studio Fix Fluid, contouring/highlighting- Revelution @ Superdrug.


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