My teeth whitening tricks for £6

Since I was 18 I’ve always considered having my teeth professionally whitened. Who wouldn’t want whiter teeth like those crisp white smiles that celebrities beam through magazines? The only problem being that it would cost few 100 pounds and the best place to go is a place on Harley Teeth Whitening, Harley Street London. Problem is lazor teeth whitening at there clinic starts from around £400, which obviously is very expensive and out my price range (it would probably end up costing me a months wages with travel, the procedure and lunch.)

After realising very quickly this was out of the question I’ve searched high and low for products that would help me do the trick without the hefty price tag. Holland and Barret & eBay have been my trick.

From eBay I purchased some cheap whitening strips that I thought would be a scam at only £3.88 and a charcoal toothpaste (Ecodenta) for £2 from Holland and Barret. I’ve been using the two together for about 5 days and oh my god! I can already notice a difference, so can other people. My mum has commented how great my teeth are looking and how bright they’ve started looking.

I use the products as part of my bedtime regime every night. I brush my teeth with the black toothpaste and then dry them before applying the strips. One strip is applied to the top row one at the bottom. They stick really well! Whilst they are left on for half an hour I do the rest of my of bedtime routine of cleansing and toning my skin. When ready they are then taken off they leave a gel residue on the teeth which you then have to brush off with a normal tooth brush. After using them for three days I already noticed a difference and my teeth are noticeably at least two-three shades whiter already.

The strips haven’t irritated my gums in any way and I don’t see this product as being harmful. Before using I would say to research and be careful with any type of products your using to enhance your beauty whether its teeth, skin or hair.

There are other ways to naturally whiten teeth such as using lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda mixed into a paste and applied to teeth as a toothpaste. Red lipstick also makes teeth appear whiter.

Thank you all for reading and I promise my next post will not take a full week to wait for!


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