Be as bronzed as a hot cross bun this Easter Weekend with my tips😍🔥🐣

All from Superdrug; Sugar Baby Coconut & Coffee Scrub £2.50 in sale, Higlow Lip Balm £3.65 in sale, Higlow High Intensity Oil £7.35 in sale, Malibu Caroteen Tanning Oil £3.99. Sunglasses from local high street outlet store £8.

Tomorrow I will be attending drinks celeberating Easter with everyone from work in our little town. I have never been to a works do’ as such so I’m not really knowing what to expect. I know everyone at work in work mode; but only a selective few do I actually spend time outside work with. It’s going to be strange actually seeing the most up-tight people let their hair down and why not? I work with some really hard workers and they all deserve a night off (even the ones that are quite nasty; maybe that’s just their work attitude. Fingers crossed on that part 🤞🏽) 

I’m not 100% about going as I’m not a drinker these days, the sesh life is a thing of my past, although I could handle a couple of cocktails. I want to look my best and already have my outfit planned. But what makes any outfit look better? TAN TAN TAN! 

Now there are two ways to be tanned this Easter weekend depending on what you prefer; sun beds or fake baking. I will run through both ways to look glowing as I’ve tried and tested the both over the last few years, I have to say I do enjoy sunbeds the most. 

Always before tanning if faking it (and religiously if sunbedding)  exfoliate. I have just purchased Sugar Baby Coffee and Coconut scrub. It’s Australian, they don’t test on animals and it smells absolutely gorgeous! It’s like showering with a warm Starbucks no jokes it’s so good!

To fake tan choose a fake tan that’s right for you, I prefer using a mousse tan. Exfoliate and apply with a tanning mitt after bathing. Let the tan develop for a few hours and then shower or bath off. The tan will come down in colour and look more real. This will leave you with a nice tan and will take away most of that fake tan smell. St Tropez is so good but if your looking for something cheaper go for St Moritz.

If you just want a subtle glow opt apply a gradual tanning lotion the night before such as Dove’s Summer Glow + Soft Shimmer? Moisturising and gives you a warm glow, what is not to love about that? Another gradual tan fave of mine is by a brand called Famous Daves.

You can also use an instant tanning lotion or gel based product to cut all the faffing around for a fast tanned look. These I don’t reccomend as highly as they will rub and wash off as fast as you can apply them so be warned if using.

Faking is safest girls and I know I’m a hypocrite by using sunbeds but I don’t overdose on usage. It is dangerous to use them to much and it’s much much safer to fake it. If you are a die hard sunbed fan just be so careful and take safety / health precautions while tanning. I still use after sun after sunbeds and make sure your using the goggles provided by your tanning salon. 

If you are already a sunbed fan or just came off of a beautiful holiday, why not exfoliate then add Rochelle Humes Higlow High Intensity Oil to your skin? It’s absolutely fantastic and gives you a subltle shimmery golden glow on top of your already tanned skin. I got it on sale for about £7 from Superdrug and I am very impressed!   (This would also work over untanned skin for a little shimmer and glow so nobody would miss out!) I also have the Higlow lip balm which is also very lovely and will be using tomorrow night along with the oil. 

Also remember highlighters and bronzers girls to add that extra bit of definition to cheeks, noses and also collar bones.

I will be wearing a white New Look crop top and mauve palazzo trousers from Boohoo paired with either white wedges or nude heels. Bright colours, whites and pastels all compliment tanned skin. Obviously will be adding a sparkly choker and earrings. Tomorrow nights outfit will be posted in another blog post between Sunday and Tuesday, with all clothing prices, stores, makeup techniques and hair styling tips. 

A little glow makes anything outfit look better, real or fake ✨


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