Baking – and I’m not talking about how to make cakes πŸ‘€

The meaning of the word baking has been absolutely changed forever. I literally didn’t have a clue what “baking” was until about a week ago, my fat little butt thought my best friend was talking about food. But actually I was about to be hit in the face with a new makeup trend, that in all honestly is pretty amazing. It’s not even that new of a trend it’s been around for few years but it seems to be it needs so much more limelight! So here I am shining a little light in hope more people will see it.

Baking is a technique which I will break down as simply as possible. Think of your face as the oven, the body tempreture the heat and the makeup your mixture. 

Apply your base so primer, colour corrector and foundation. Add concealer under the eyes, down the nose, a little on the chin (or “chins” if you’ve eaten as much as me this Easter weekend) and forehead. Blend in with a beauty blender. Now here comes the part you’ve been waiting for. Using a damp beauty blender, dab it into either translucent powder or banana powder, personally I use banana powder. Then dab it on quite thick where you’ve applied the concealer. You pretty much dab it on where you would like want your face highlighting. When doing under the eyes ensure to go right up to the bottom lash line. It literally doesn’t matter at this point if it looks like there’s a lot of powder on your skin it’s supposed to look this way. (See pictured for an idea of what you should be powdering.) Leave this on your skin for 10 – 15 minutes. Your body tempreture will “bake” the powder. It sets the foundation and concealer or “cooks” it into a perfect place. You then use a powder brush to brush off all the excess powder. This will leave you with a flawless look, which really does hold on your face for hours. It really reminds me of that Kim Kardashian Instagram perfect skin. Kim actually does use this technique. There’s no cracking in the makeup under my eyes, no oily patches, it sets your makeup amazingly.

I’ve tried this twice now, once for a night out and once for work. Both times my face looked good hours later. At work I am near a lot of heat and also in and out of freezers and having to serve customers I still need to look good and my makeup stayed perfect today for my 6 hour shift. I even walked to work and it was warm outside and I still looked good no oily looking skin or anything! As for the night out my skin looked really good for photographs.

Also you don’t need to do a huge amount of contouring with this, a little is enough. You can add highlighter which I like to always add. You should also finish by using a fixing spray, I like to use MAC. I’ve even read some people use baby powder, I will give it a go to see if it works or if it should just be left in the bathroom where it belongs.

I would recommend baking mainly for nights out and occasions as it’s a lot to keep doing for every day makeup. I love this technique and I will 100% use this for a lifetime. As soon as I tried it I couldn’t wait to share this trend on my blog. I hope you all have a try at this as I highly recommend even if you just try it once.


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