He who buys what he does not need, only steals from himself πŸ’°

I’ve had times in life where I’d go months on end with next to nothing.  No money, no food and a man who barely worked or even as much as tried. I know what it’s like to go without, because I did it for nearly two years and it was the worst time of my life. I took every job that came up and tried my hardest but it was only temporary work, the months between each were hell. I tried to be the man and the woman of the home but I couldn’t do it any longer and I left (besides other reasons.) I’m forever grateful I am now at home with my mum and dad, a new partner (who may I add treats me like a queen and I worship the ground he walks on), good job that I’ve been in for a year now and in a much healthier environment than what I was. 

I’ve now been home around 18 months and it’s taken this full time to get my head, my financial status and mental health back on track where it should be. I know what it’s like to have nothing but I also know how good it feels when payday comes and you receive your hard earned cash. Trouble is actually keeping hold of it. With my knowledge, tips and challenges I want to help others. It IS possible to save cash you just need the tools and I’m here to hand them over.

I sort my money into three categories; priorities, nessessities and left over cash. 

My priorities take up about Β£500 of my wages because I’m saving for my car (so there we go it’s not spending that’s saving) and my driving lessons. That money is an investment and it takes up a lot of my wages but again driving is a priority and nessessity combined. 

Nessessities are things like food etc. To help save money with things like this I try to take packed lunches to work every day and take bottled water. This actually saves me a lot of money by eating at home and taking packet lunches. In fact I should say I save Β£100 a month through doing this. I also quit smoking which has saved me around Β£100 a month too. Food and ciggerette money saved > my driving lesson money.  Quit bad habits, good for you health and good for your pocket.

My money left over isn’t a lot. I try to live with Β£50 a month for beauty buys, clothing, outings etc. It is hard but if I know I’m having a quiet week I’ll save my money to add to the next week or put it into saving for my car. 

It’s all about strategies, organising your money and looking what you really need and what you really don’t. STOP buying things you don’t need! I also do a lot of “sale” shopping, eBaying and looking through charity shops.

Savings tins are a great idea to save money as you can buy them for as little as Β£1 start saving and you can’t open it (well until the tin opener gets to it.) These are good for saving for treats, extra holiday spending money etc. Having another debit card other than the card you use to receive cash onto, is a great idea to put savings into a separate bank account. This is good when saving for bigger things such as myself with my car. 

A huge thing that helps save money is willpower. You need willpower to save money, stop and ask yourself constantly do I need this? Can I get this cheaper? Will I really benenfit from buying this? Movivation, willpower and orangisation is key.

As the title says; he who buys what he does not need only steals from himself. Don’t steal from yourself, don’t thieve from your finances. Invest your money don’t waste it!



  1. andiecarmelxo · July 22

    I love this post! I try so hard with money but I get really bad fear of missing out! When in reality I didn’t enjoy the meal or drinks as much as I thought I would and I don’t even like how that top looks on me but I won’t take it back haha!
    This has given me some saving motivation!

    Fab post! Xx


  2. thatcheyannesmith · July 10

    Thank you so much for your beautiful reply my little spoonful of scouse! I’m having one of those months again where it’s the Β£50 a week basis but it’s not hard when you put you put your brain to it! Like I said before motivation and organisation is πŸ”‘! My mental health is on the highest level it’s been in a long time, it takes a lot of time, changes and different surroundings (people, places etc) but I got here ✨ again thank you so much for your lovely reply it’s replies like yours that keep me blogging! And kudos- I’m sending lots of love, happiness and good vibes your way too boo!
    Lots of love Cheyanne πŸ’‹


  3. Spoonful of Scouse · July 10

    Oh, Cheyanne, I loved this post! Not only did I relate to it on so many levels but it gave me some ideas on how to save money in my own life too. I’m glad to hear your health is improving and that you’re in a much happier environment too.

    Wishing you loads of happiness with your new man, may he continue to treat you like the absolute QUEEN you are!

    Love and Laughter,
    Hayley @ Spoonful of Scouse


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