My views on tattoos 💉

Kyle’s tattoo

Growing up I sometimes thought tattoos were kind of tacky from the ones I’d seen. You know the type where your teacher in high school leans over her desk to unintentionally revealing a butterfly or an old boyfriends name inked to her lower back. Total turn off to wanting a tattoo after seeing that. But still something intrigued me from a young age about tattoos why people would want to permantly paint they’re skin with pretty pictures.

Ten years on from that view point my mind has totally changed. I grew up loving art and I still do. From being around 15 I realised that tattoos are a form of art and tattooists are getting better and better all the time. Long gone are the days of Chinese symbols and tribal arm bands you could get done down at your local seaside (cringe.)

I work with a lot of people with tattoos and some of them have kindly stepped up and let me share their tattoos and stories.

Mark’s tattoo

Kyle got his tattoo of the dear and rose last year, which isn’t his first. Kyle had this tattoo done because of his love of all things retro and he felt this suited this. I love this tattoo of Kyle’s. He also added he loves seeing peoples tattoos as it shows their creativity, which I also agree with. Kyle plans to have more tattoos and I can’t wait to see what he and his tattoo artist comes up with in the future!

Mark’s tattoo is beautiful with a deep meaning. The clock is for his grandad who has a love for pocket watches and the two roses are for his two nans. It looks modern and I love the fact it has a beautiful meaning for his family inked inside. He said he will 100% be getting more tattoos and the pain only lasted for the first hour of the tattooing session. It’s a beautifully detailed tattoo.

But sometimes tattoos do go wrong. My dad has a tattoo where the name is misspelt and my friend has recently just had a new tattoo to cover up her exes name. My advice when choosing a tattoo / tattooist is look at their past work and if you have any doubt in their work shop around! Make sure they’re work place is clean, safe and they are experienced. When choosing a tattoo make sure it’s something you 100% want. You will be keeping it forever, you are scarring your skin and you need to have no doubts in your head when tattooing. 

I do want a tattoo and I want one similar to my dads. He has a few tattoos and each have meaning behind them. Each tattoo is for each of my brothers and sisters. One has my name with a dream catcher and feathers. My name is Indian American and his tattoo represents its origins. I want to have something very very similar as I love this tattoo. I love the origins of my name and have always wanted something feathered. I’d like this tattoo on the top of my left thigh. I’ve also thought about having something on my rib cage, I’d like my tattoos somewhere that I can easily hide but have on show if when I choose. 

I think roses are very popular and look beautiful. Be careful about names or quotes that your have inked. If it’s something your 100% about be sure to check out how good your tattoo artists lettering skills are and what fonts they can ink. They might be able to do something in a different way that you like more so it’s good to listen to them and take they’re advice on places, size proportions, colours etc.

I can’t wait to design my tattoo and show you guys what I’ve came up with. I am scared about tattooing but it is something I want to do. 


2 thoughts on “My views on tattoos 💉

  1. The artist you choose is a HUGE part of the process and can make or break a tattoo! I wrote a post awhile back with tips for your first tattoo and that was one of the biggest points I made too! The pictures you shared look great. Some great artistry!

    Britt |

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