My implant experience 💪🏽

Up until this day I’ve now had my implant in since February, so just little of two months. I think implants and contraception for girls needs to be talked about more and not such a taboo subject. I wanted to share my story and help other women out there with their choices. 

Using contraceptives doesn’t mean a girls a “slut” or so she can mess around and not pay for the consequences. Sometimes it’s to help with hormonal problems, to help with Mother Natures time of month and also I’ve known some girls take the pill for acne reasons. Whatever it boils down to; it’s YOUR choice. Just make sure your making the right desision. Don’t be fooled into the wrong type for you. LISTEN to your body. 

The implant (also known as Nexplanon, formally implants that were discontinued for use were Implanon) is a small 4cm (size of a matchstick) tube that is inserted under the skin on the inside of your arm on a numbed area. Nexplanon is the most effective contraception you can use. It is in your arm for three years but can be removed at any time within those three years. This is used to prevent pregnancy by creating thick mucuses in your ovaries to stop eggs releasing (sciencey and sickly I know.) 

As I said before it’s now been over two months since the implant was fitted and I don’t think I’ll be making it to three months. On inserting I had a bruised arm for nearly two weeks. I bled a lot and it was sore a long time afterwards. I couldn’t fully use my arm without pain for well over a week. My time of month comes when ever it feels for however long it feels. Although this is a fact that your body is settling to the changes. Most nights I feel like I’m “coming on” (but I’m not) and it’s horrendous to have those feelings constantly when I’m not even on. I also know another girl that felt the same. I can literally feel it doing its job and this is something I don’t like. 100% I’ve gained weight and my mood swings are terrible to the point my own partner has noticed. The sad thing is he is the one person in this world I never argue with. He was the one that’s told me to listen to what my body is telling me. This implant is causing me to constantly have a war with myself. It doesn’t help my anxiety problems at all, I take Kalms on top to try and settle myself. Depression is a rare side effect and advised to current sufferers to be extra careful when choosing a contraceptive. Sometimes my arm still hurts on the odd day and it’s horrible to catch the implant on anything (total cringe, makes me physically gag!) 

I have pretty much drawn the short straw of hitting lots of the side effects. I wish I’d have chosen the pill but obviously I didn’t know how my body would react to the implant. A great thing is that obviously I can have it taken out when ever I want. Same as the pill you can choose to stop when you like. 

Some girls have the implant and breeze through the three years with no issues and I can’t deny it’s very effective. I know plenty of women who have had the implant and have came away perfect and conceived children normally. My post is not biased this is just MY story. Personally I really can’t face another two years and 9 months with the way it’s changing me. 

I’m going to have my implant taken out within the next few weeks and I’m going to try taking the pill or totally stop having contraception. Although I’m discontinuing use of this I will not stop using contraception. I fully enforce women to support the use of it. 

My advice to any girl out there, you need to get the facts before taking action. The real facts. Listen to other girls stories, talk to your GP and think about what your doing to your body. Your tampering with your body’s hormones and menstrual cycle. I know someone who had her period for three weeks straight on the implant. You need to be prepared for the possible side effects that come with implants and the pill. If it was only weight gain I could deal with that. But I’m scared I could be potentially damaging my body and I can’t take that risk.

On another note, we all know why we mainly choose contraception, to prevent pregnancy. You still need to wear protection as the pill and implant will not protect against diseases and sometimes the pill can fail. Take extra precautions girls be safe, be healthy and be smart. 

I’d love to hear from my readers any comments or your own personal experiences with the implant / pill. I’d also be totally open to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your time ✨


2 thoughts on “My implant experience 💪🏽

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m so bad at remembering the pill but I think it seems a better option than the implant! Xx


    1. That’s why I chose the implant because I’m so forgetful! But I’m going to have to try because I really am not agreeing with the implant, it’s started settling down but it’s worrying me and I’d rather trust my gut!

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