My everyday makeup using only 5 products 👀

My weekday makeup is quite minimal as I’m usually at home or at work. If I’m at home I try not to wear any makeup whatsoever to let my skin breathe. When I’m at work I literally use two palletes, a foundation, a lip balm or liquid matte lipstick and mascara. Only using five products seems very very daunting to some people but I can perfect my look for a natural finish using this minimum of products.

My 5 products of everyday choice are;

  • Revelution – Ultra Contour. I love the powders and the especially the highlighters in this pallete. I always what ever my look, have to highlight cheek bones, middle corners of my eyes and the tip of my nose. Also the brown shades can be used as eyeshadow.   
  • Revelution – Medium-Dark Cream Concealer Pallete; I use the lightest shades in the pallete for concealing blemishes etc. I use the darkest brown to actually shade my eyebrows in.
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation – Ultimate favourite of mine! I apply this with a damp beauty blender. Also I try not to use too much powder on top of this becauseit gives a beautiful dewy finish on its own.
  • NYX Lingerie Lipgloss – I love all matte liquid lipsticks and my favourite by NYX is the nude shade Baby Doll. I also use Kylie Jenners dupes from eBay and I love them too, I currently use Koko K. If I don’t use a these I just stick to Baby Lips Lip Balms that I use just about every day anyway to keep my lips soft.
  • For mascara I use Kiko’s waterproof mascaras or Maybelline’s Collosal Go Extreme. I maininly use my Maybelline one as I love the great coverage, the brush and how it makes my lashes appear very thick and long.

The makeup style below is every thing I mentioned plus half false lashes (I cut mine in half), a small amount of liquid eyeliner, and Kiko lip liner in a coral colour. Full eyeshadow and contouring / highlighting was done using the previously mentioned pallete. 

You can use as little products and palletes possible if you know how to really play with makeup! A big tip is to sit one evening a week for an hour and have a good play and practice. Find ways to get multiple uses out of products. This way you can save money, look great and learn more about your existing makeup kit you own! 


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