5 all time favourite beauty brands βœ¨

Every month I seem to come across a new skincare, makeup or hair care brand. It’s my love of products that first enticed me into my upcoming career in hair and makeup. The forever evolving world of beauty absolutely excites me! I have tried brand in brand out over the years trying to find my favourite brands that suit my needs and this list is the 5 that I fell in love with. They win me over for quality and prices. Upon sharing my ultimate top 5 I would love to hear from readers if we have any in common or if you have any favourites you’d love to share! My top five favourites;

  • Lush! – I love Lush! for they’re skincare products especially, that I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts. They’re bath bombs are out of this world and not over priced, smell beautiful and turn your bath into a galaxy. My favourite bath bombs would have to be Fizzbanger & Frozen. This companies products are cruelty free, against animal testing, supporters of animal rights and various causes through out the world. I could write on and on about Lush! but if you’d like to hear more please free to check out my older posts! πŸŒŽπŸ›
  • Makeup Revolution – This brand I currently use for its low prices and great quality. I discovered Makeup Revolution around a year ago and I’ve used them since. In my last post I wrote about their contouring and concealer palletes that I love and will be repurchasing soon as I’m running out. I’m in love with their eyeshadow palletes and highlighters. I have just made an order from Superdrug and will post my haul in a future post next week; this includes the rainbow highlighter and I’m buzzing about receiving this!! πŸŒˆπŸ¦„
  • Aussie – This Australian haircare brand are my ultimate favourite hair care brand ever. I love the 3 Minute Miracle treatment by them it really feels like my hair has had salon treatment. I also use they’re conditioning spray on my hair which is one of my must haves. All the products have a beautiful smell, its sweet but not fruity or over powering, think marshmallow and your there. Thank you Aussie for always making my hair feel like an angels you are truly amazing!
  • Real Techniques – I have an extensive collection of these makeup brushes and beauty blenders and I wouldn’t be with out them. I seriously can’t live with out them. The quality is absolutely brilliant!
  • Soap & Glory – the body sprays, moisturisers and THE CHRISTMAS GIFT BOXES 😍 I have loved and rated this brand for a lot of years. The body butters are wonderful and also I like to carry the hand sanitizer and hand cream by this brand. I am yet to restock they’re staple lipgloss Sexy Mother Pucker, which really pumps the lips.

I have loved these brands for many years and they never fail me. My next five brands I would love to start trying out are NARS, Inglot, Borjois, Benefit and GOSH. As a training makeup artist I’m loving trying new brands and thickening my skills and knowledge. I’m also extremely curious as to what Smashbox is like, I have heard although they are a little more expensive, the quality is insane.
*BLOGGER INSIDE UPDATE* Tonight I have signed up for tickets for The Olympia Beauty Show, London, in October this year. I am so excited to attend the event as a blogger and eager learner! I really can’t wait to see what I can learn from this event as it will be my first ever beauty event I have ever visited. I hope to come away with more knowledge, blogging content and maybe some goodies. This will be such a fun day!

As always thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to interact and have a chat!



  1. mariahmichelle · August 27

    Makeup Revolution is amazing quality


  2. Chloe-Rose · May 20, 2017

    I loved this post! I am also a huge fan of these brands especially Make Up Revolution! Their eyeshadows are so pigmented and easy to blend. xox


    • thatcheyannesmith · May 20, 2017

      I can’t wait to receive my orders from Superdrug it’s all Makeup Revolution 😍 i even use their Contour kit on my eyes it’s fantastic! I also badly want to try Elf what has just started to sell in Superdrug. Xoxo


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