What I’m reading this week 👀

Hi my lovelies! It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I have a little Pimms & lemonade by my side and good book. If you follow me on Twitter you will know I brought this book (Design Museum; Fifty Fashion Looks That Changed The 1990’s by Paula Reed) a few weeks back. It was 99p from a budget store and when I started flicking through the pages I knew I needed it!
50 iconic looks from the decade are showcased between its pages (in yearly order which I like because I’m a little OCD) with everything from the evolution of trainers (sneakers) that introduced Air Jordans to our very own Brit model Kate Moss. It’s a really fun read. This book is a time machine that takes us back two decades ago and I want to share with you 7 of my favourite pages. I will share with you in my own words why these are also my favourites, how they have influenced me and why I love them so much!

  • 1990; Pretty Woman – My first favourite 90’s Oscar winning film! If you haven’t already seen this movie, it’s a prostitutes fairytale. Julia Roberts goes from street hooker to falling in love with a rich business man who, coincidentally, falls right back in love with her too. Her antics and fashion mellow out to change her into a simple, classy lady. My favourite style in this movie is actually the floor length off shoulder red gown she wears, to her first opera. If you haven’t seen it; google it! The dress is iconic 😍
  • 1991; Gansta Rap – The baseball caps and bandanas, baggy clothes and of course the music. I love 50 Cent, Ice Cube & Puff Daddy. The baggy clothes I still love now as I love oversized tshirts in a 90s style over the top of ripped jeans for a casual look. 
  • 1992; Absolutely Fabulous – One of my favourite ever British comedy TV series, about two best friends Eddy & Patsy. It’s hilarious with an overload of laughs, antics, lots of fashion and too much alcohol. Patsy mainly dresses in Chanel style skirt suits and heels with her staple beehive hairstyle. Eddy is more of a fashion victim that’s throughs together a little too many styles and big brands at once. Although I’ve got to say in once episode Edina did wear a black Moschino zip top that I fell in love with. Eddy has a daughter Saffy that is the pole opposite of her mother and she’s showcases a very simple British 90’s student style, think high waisted trousers, shirts and knitted tank top. Knitted tank tops were a thing of the 90s from Britain to America which I’ll talk about later in the post.
  • 1993; Grunge – As the book suggests, the most unfashionable fashion trend of the decade. It was all about “disappearing rather than appearing”. Grunge became a street fashion and in my opinion it was rather trampy. Think Blake’s style (Amy Winehouse ex lover.) I’m all about rugged styles but not the point people think it’s a fashion accessory to also have a greasy hair on top of the grunge style. Not attractive at all. 
  • 1994; Tattoos & Piercings – Although I slate grunge style one good thing did come from it, tattoo and piercings became more of a thing. It became more fashionable with an edge of rebellion. Celebrities followed the trends, including Christina Aguleria with her statement nose ring. I actually have written a previous post on My Views on Tattoos if you’d like a read!
  • 1995; Clueless – My birth year 🎉 Clueless is another one of my favourite ever movies! I think everyone has seen this movie. High school fashion chick flick. Fresh faced Alicia Silverstone plays Cher the main character of the film, showing off plenty of outfits throughout the movie. The famous plaid yellow mini skirt & jacket combo is my favourite. This movie has influenced girls for years, including Iggy Azalea & Charli Xcx’s video Fancy. 
  • 1996; Tommy Hilfiger – those red blue and white trademark colours, that are still evolving today in the fashion world. Hilfiger’s style screamed street & preppy. I love Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing and actually would love to purchase some of his items. I would still wear today the styles he brought out in the nineties. My cousin owns a Tommy Hilfiger winter puffer jacket and it’s fantastic quality. 
  • 1997; Spice Girls – Iconic biggest British girl band of all time! Five different girls with five completely different styles. Platform shoes, edgy fashion and catchy music. Sporty Spice (Mel B) showed off sports clothes, pony tails and trainers. Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) was the classy styled girl of the group. Scary Spice (Mel B) had a wild style and always had her trademark Afro styled hair. Baby Spice (Emma Bunton) had a very innocent and cute fashion. Ginger Spice (Gerri Halliwell) became an icon of her own with her famous Union Jack dress. 

There is so much more I love from the nineties, the simple makeup styles, the fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, the movies and the music. The 90’s was such an influential decade that I’m proud to say I was born in and I hope it continues to spark ideas for many more years. 

I love this book I think it’s fantastic and would love to buy the rest of the collection about fashion in the 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s. 

Any comments on what your favourite past trends would be great! Again thank you for reading my lovelies!


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