B. Revealed Glycolic Cleansing Peel Review ✨

Welcome back my lovelies! So just lately my skin has been a little under the weather (due to weather changes/ emotional breakdown/ girly mood swings/ maybe over indulging on snacks?) what ever has happened I have had to take swift action.

After scouring the internet for hours, websites, reviews, star rating etc. I eventually gave up because there are too many products and I basically being the picky person I am couldn’t choose. Then a few days ago in my local Superdrug store I noticed this little product nearly half it’s price (rrp £7.99) so at literally a few pounds I thought why not?

Firstly I’ll get all the sciencey bit out the way. Glycolic acid is an exfoliator which gently buffs off the top dead layer on skin. It is a fruit acid that comes from sugar cane, which is a natural occurring acid that has been used in skincare products for 100’s of years for it fantastic properties. This is brilliant for oily skin (which is advised on the pack) and helps target black heads, blemishes etc, because it is taking away those dead skin cells, bringing out a fresher new layer beneath. But in all honesty I can safely safe from reading other reviews this is great for any skin type. Dull? You’ll be brightened. Dry? Flakes are banished. Glycolic acid is an all round good guy and he is my new best friend.

Unboxing the product I found it also comes with a muslin facial cloth (bonus because its free and made for the product, bummer because I’d rather have had a more flannel type cloth as I like softness.) The consistency of the cream is very thick and lightly scented. I then applied for it thickly (I apply all face masks thickly, go thick or go home) and let it sit on my face for 3 minutes. I recommend putting it on before showering or whilst brushing your teeth so your not sat like a spare one with a big creamy face twiddling your thumbs. It can also be used a daily cleanser, which I’ve found takes makeup off fantastically. You then wash it off with the provided muslin and splash your face with cold water to close your pores. I always splash my face and rinse my hair with cold water as its closes pores tightly / gives your hair a very shiny finish. Pat dry and see the difference.

Instantly I have noticed a slight change. My skin doesn’t feel oily and its looks more “matte”. Its softer, definitely brighter and my spots actually calmed down after washing as opposed to some products irritating my skin more to the point my skin looks angrier than a toddler mid breakdown in supermarket because their parents aren’t cooperating with buying them more sweets.

I am 100% recommending this product and I’ll be using this at least four times a week. I hope to see more improvements over time on my skin. My only hopes are that Superdrug never discontinue this product and I’ll be trying out more products in B. collection.

As a foot note I cannot stress enough how important it is that if your skin isn’t brilliant at the minute along with this product please drink more water, eat more fruits and veg, cut out fizzy drinks (which is killing me) and try to cut out sugary products as much as possible. Products can help you but what you are putting inside your body is 100X more important, you really are what you eat!

Thanks again girls and guys for reading my review remember to pop back for more, take a read of my previous skin care posts and if you cant wait until my next post follow me on WordPress and Twitter for updates and more!



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