Friday Update / Early August Faves ✨

Hello my lovelies! 

Sorry for not blogging lately but it’s been a little hectic! On the bad side of things my aunty had stroke is in hospital, she is getting better thank god and I will be visiting her tomorrow and I can’t wait to just cuddle her up! Other issues have been going back to work (😭) being emotionally and physically drained and preparing for my first makeup job on Sunday! So at the moment I’m literally all over the place.

I will be doing makeovers on my local festival and it’s been constant ordering, running and content creating non stop for two weeks. Exhausting but so exciting and I know it will feel so rewarding come Sunday.

I’ve also just (finally) made my MUA Facebook page public! I try to post every two days new styles I’ve created and anything else going on! If you have the time please check it out, if you like it or would love to show a little support please give me a like! It means so much to me! (Link Below) 

Cheyanne Smith Makeup Artistry

In the run up to this weekend I have found some new products I’m loving not only for clients but things I know want to purchase for my own collection! 

MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Laquer 

This is absolutely brilliant! The colour is so intense (as you can see from the swatch) and it drys quit fast too which I love. And an absolute bargain at £3! I don’t usually use a lot of MUA but this I couldn’t really fault at all, it’s been my favourite product I’ve tried them. Packaging is really stylish too doesn’t look like it’s only £3 looks a little more expensive so that’s a bonus for my kit! I really can’t wait for Autumn / Winter for deep rich tones to come back into fashion. So excited to see what these seasons will bring this year!

As a footnote my nails came from Primark, I brought two sets mixed them up and added my own Glitter to them (NYX Glitter On The Go in Snow)

Festival Glitters

So I purchased a multi pack of fine glitters for like £1 and then brought 8 chunky glitters what where like £9 from an eBay seller. I’ve never used them and yesterday I tried them out and I’ve got to say I’m in love! I’ve mixed the chunky and fine glitters today in their matching shades and I love the outcome. They are going to be fantastic for all manner of festival styles and even for hair! My new top tip is getting a tub of hair gels and mixing in some fine and chunky glitters to smooth over box braids! Super stylish and an anbsolute sparkle fest! 

Morphe 35O

Absolutely. In. Freaking. Love.

I love the brown / orange shades so much and they are bang on trend especially the burnt orange. The shades in this pallets vary from matte to shimmer and it’s fabulous. I’ve never tried Morphe before but after hearing / seeing so much hype on the web I thought I’d give it a go and I’m so glad I did! The only thing I found I didn’t like was how lightweight the case, I must be the only one who likes heaviness because I felt like if I left it on a window sill it would probably get blown off and break. Otherwise I can’t moan, great product, love the matte black case it looks super professional! 

Also here’s a couple of looks ive created this week in the run up to the festival! I’ve created a galaxy style across my face and eyes in the theme of Frozen.

Galaxy ✨

Frozen ❄️

This has turned out to be a bigger post than expected! ASo then now I’ve updated you on my faves / my life it’s time for me to pop off because it going to finally upgrade my vape today! Also I have to get a few last kit bits for Sunday, pick out some flowers for my wonderfully strong aunty and… hit reality and go to work at 2pm… not looking forward to that. (PS; I’ve fallen out with my manager so this could be a fun shift 😭) 

So until next week my lovelies have a Fab Friday and Wicked Weekend. Watch out for next week we’re ill be doing a full post dedicated to Sunday! Whether your partying, grinding, chilling… enjoy yourself whatever you are doing, stay safe and have lots of fun!

With lots of love,

Cheyanne x


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