My experience as a makeup artist on a local festival ✨

Hello my lovelies!

So then as you all know from my previous post I’ve been really busy for Sunday just gone (6th August) preparing for my local festival. I just wanted to share my experience from the day!

Ok, so I started setting up at 9 in the morning and quickly realised I needed a much bigger table.. this would go on to someone knocking my NYX Glitter all over the floor 😭. But that’s all part of it I guess these things happen! I was part of three gazebos for one shop I’ve recently joined called Cats Pyjamas. It offers a range of things, mostly gothic style, clothing, henna, holistic services, candles, ornaments, healing crystals.. and now a makeup artist. Everyone who works there has such a unique energy. It’s lovely to be newly part of their team!

The day started off a little slow until more people started rolling in. I went out armed with flyers but felt so weird trying to give them to people, it was a new thing to me. It was a Rock Festival so there was a lot of great music, food stalls, sweets, beer tent, bouncy castles and much more! 

I started the day off by doing a gothic makeover. Kayla (the girl) had a very gothic dress on and she had purple hair so improvised. Black velvet lips and smokey purple eyes with dark eyeliner, with a pale foundation base to make the eyes and lips pop. I also did another makeover afterwards for another lady as she doesn’t wear makeup but wanted something simple. The day kicked off better at around half 12.

I ended up mainly doing kids and young teens makeup, such as mermaid styles and neon festival dots, with the occasional more mature age group popping in for something fun! Glitters, neon paints and hair braids was my main attraction. I also had a number boys so that was really cool too! It was quite nice working with all ages as I didn’t actually expect to be doing mainly kids under 10 as I was out there to try and build a base for women’s makeup services. This actually made me realise new market gaps for a much younger audience! 

It was brilliant to see the smiles at the end of the makeovers even down to the 5 year olds. This particular girl (in the photograph) came back to me twice! First she had a mermaid inspired look then came back when it was quieter for a different style. We opted for hair Glitter over two half braids and soft makeup because she was so young and didn’t need more than a subtle look. She was beautiful and I totally envy everyone’s good skin I worked with!

I can’t stop thinking about how much better I’d have been if I’d have been more prepared about these young ages and had a bigger table. Stupid; but these things are lessons for next time I do an event.

It was a long day but a great day. 

By closing time I was well and truly knackered. 

I didn’t earn a lot of money that day but I earned something much more valuable.. recongnition, knowledge of different age groups and more experience. 

I would say I’d like to do another festival in maybe a new area and be fully prepared for the little ones as much as the older ones. It was a fun day and a totally new experience, now I am much more aware of what it’s like to work on events! I feel like this has given me a bit of a confidence boost towards my business.

Until next time 

Love from Cheyanne x


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